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Dataiku, the world's best data science platform for everyday AI, have joined forces with Zetaris, the world-leading unified data preparation studio 

Dataiku and Zetaris offer organizations real-time frictionless access to disconnected data through a one-stop shop for data integration and preparation across all data assets through one pane of glass


This enables users to minimise time spent accessing and preparing data, maximise time delivering value through insight, dramatically reducing cost, complexity and turbocharging insights and competitiveness


Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) Trial

Datiku & Zetaris

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With the assistance of the Zetaris's Data Expansion Kit for Dataiku, seamlessly integrate your own data (BYOD) and leverage the power of Zetaris to effortlessly connect to the data that truly matters for your Dataiku Everyday AI



Industry Solution Trials

Zetaris provides customers with complete end-end analytical solutions to their most pressing business needs.

Each solution includes:

  • World class analytical models built in Dataiku

  • Dataiku models pre-integrated to Zetaris Virtual Data Marts

  • Sample industry raw data sets transformed to model inputs using a best of breed industry unified semantic model

  • Business rules for data quality monitoring pre-built using the industry unified semantic model

  • Data quality exception handling dashboard to monitor data quality at source across all upstream data

Customers can trial the Dataiku-Zetaris Industry Solutions in any of the above Industries for free. Making a Dataiku-Zetaris Industry Solution operational is as simple as installing Zetaris & Dataiku to your production environment and connecting the pre-built solution directly to your data. Remove months of data discovery, model development and training, data movement and implementing new data quality monitoring processes. Use Dataiku-Zetaris Industry Solutions today to get the analytical insight you need in weeks.

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Energy Consumption 

Analyze data from smart meters, IoT devices, and energy management systems to provide insights into energy consumption patterns. This enables energy companies to identify energy-saving opportunities, optimize energy usage, and offer energy efficiency recommendations to customers



Datiku & Zetaris

Anti-Money Laundering 

Analyze vast amounts of financial data, customer transactions, and global financial trends to identify patterns and detect potential money laundering activities, enabling financial institutions to comply with AML regulations and prevent illicit financial transactions

Datiku & Zetaris

Credit Card Fraud

Empower investigative teams in monitoring customer transactions, successfully detecting frauds, and efficiently handling alerts in real-time. Enable financial institutions to mitigate risks and prevent financial fraud

Datiku & Zetaris

Credit Scoring

Analyze vast amounts of customer data, credit history, and alternative data sources to assess creditworthiness, automate credit scoring processes, and make accurate loan underwriting decisions, streamlining the lending process and reducing credit risks

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Customer Segmentation

Deepen customer insight and success with machine learning segmentation by leveraging the Zetaris Unified Semantic Layer. Help understand customer needs, and deliver personalized financial products, services, and recommendations

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Next Best Offer

Predict the probability of subscription of banking customers and calculate the expected revenue gain and impact. Identify the most relevant and personalized product or service recommendations for customers, increasing cross-selling and upselling opportunities.



Datiku & Zetaris

Early Disease Detection 

Unified connection to disparate EHR systems for reporting and early detection of infectious diseases. This can aid in early detection of outbreaks, facilitate timely interventions, and support public health efforts

Datiku & Zetaris

Mental Health Monitoring

Aggregate and generate summary statistics on key mental health issues including the prevalence of mental disorders and the use of services. Healthcare providers can monitor mental health trends, identify at-risk populations, and plan targeted interventions

Datiku & Zetaris

Patient Satisfaction

Aggregated insights into Patient Satisfaction using patient survey data. Identify bottlenecks, streamline processes, and allocate resources effectively to enhance operational efficiency.



Datiku & Zetaris

Claims Modelling 

Help improve risk assessment, pricing accuracy, and profitability by leverage ML for claims modeling.



Datiku & Zetaris

IoT Performance Optimization 

Reduce inefficiencies and equipment downtime through IoT sensor driven batch process manufacturing with ML outcome prediction and advanced analysis.

Datiku & Zetaris

Predictive Maintenance

Identify and prioritise devices that are most likely to fail and in need of preventative maintenance. Analyze sensor data, equipment logs, and maintenance records to predict equipment failures, schedule proactive maintenance, optimize maintenance resources, and minimize unplanned downtime.



Datiku & Zetaris

Customer Lifetime Value 

Predict the future value of your customers and organize them in well-structured groups. Optimize marketing spend and increase revenues by adjusting your customer sales strategies

Datiku & Zetaris

Demand Forecasting

Analyze historical sales data, market trends, social media sentiment, and external factors to forecast demand accurately. Retailers can optimize inventory levels, reduce stockouts, minimize overstocking, and improve supply chain efficiency



Datiku & Zetaris

Customer Churn Prediction

Analyze customer data, including usage patterns, billing history, and customer interactions, to predict customer churn. Help implement proactive measures, such as targeted offers, personalized retention campaigns, and improved customer service, to reduce churn and retain valuable customers

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