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Knowledge Base

Refine your Zetaris experience effortlessly with our comprehensive searchable knowledge base. Discover clear, step-by-step instructions, informative videos, and a wealth of FAQs covering installation, data connectivity, pipeline transformations, and BI tool integration


Support via Email

Gain seamless access to Zetaris Support and connect with our team of subject matter experts effortlessly by sending an email to Support@Zetaris.com. For prompt assistance, kindly ensure to include as much detail as possible regarding your specific query



Log a Support Ticket

Access Zetaris SME assistance and track your support tickets' progress seamlessly through our Customer Support Portal. Gain visibility into ticket status and maintain a centralized historic view of your company's support request


Support via Chat

Easily connect with Zetaris Support and our team of subject matter experts through instant chat on Microsoft Teams Channel (#ask-Zetaris) or Slack channel (#zetaris-ask-help).  For Enterprise Customers a dedicated chat channel will be set up for you. To gain access to Zetaris chat  simply request access

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Book a Support Appointment

Effortlessly connect with Zetaris Support and our team of subject matter experts by scheduling an appointment at your convenience. Choose a time that suits you best for personalized assistance and expert guidance


Customer Success Portal

As a valued Zetaris Customer, you'll gain exclusive access to the Zetaris Customer Success Portal. Unlock a wealth of resources, including enhanced documentation sets, comprehensive training materials, implementation playbooks, product roadmaps, and much more, to support your success journey

If you encounter any challenges while utilizing our support channels or would like to learn more about our support models, please refer to our comprehensive support guide for assistance

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