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The Lightning Bolt Moment


CEO and co-founder, Vinay Samuel, recognized the potential of simplifying data analytics and made the bold decision to pursue his startup idea, leading to the creation of Zetaris.  Zetaris aims to make data analysis easier, more accessible, and faster for businesses, empowering them to gain valuable insights and remain competitive in the evolving market.

Our History


Zetaris was founded by Vinay Samuel and Michael Cimino in 2013 and from the outset, we built a disruptive technology stack and assembled a team of highly experienced data scientists and developers.

Based on the industry expertise and knowledge of our team, Zetaris was built to be the next generation enterprise database and analytics platform.

We are passionate about being at the forefront of the analytics technology field.

Our software is trusted by thousands of users, connected to hundreds of thousands of data sources, and solving millions of customers' data problems worldwide.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the citizen data engineer and scientist by bringing to market the worlds leading decentralized data analytics platform.

Zetaris builds secure technologies that data engineers and business/organizational leaders can use to simplify, accelerate and cost minimize the building of valuable data products


Our mission 2

Leadership Team


VinaySamuelSml (1)

Vinay Samuel

CEO & Founder
Julian Butler

Julian Butler

VP Industry Solutions

Jason Jun

Chief of Engineering & tech founder at Zetaris - Networked Data Platform

Paul Cikala

Chief of Alliances

James Sims

Chief of Delivery

Raina Thomas

VP of Products & Architecture



VinaySamuelSml (1)

Vinay Samuel


Rob Mclean


William Deane


Deven Billmoria

Our Company Values


"Our customer will be our compass"


We build for our customer 

Our customers prioritize our work 

When our customers succeed, we succeed 
Assisting customers to a better result


"Pace over perfection"


Fail well. Success is failure that has evolved

Act with intent and purpose

Be passionate and determined

Focus on impact. Things that move the dial


"Act like you own the company"


Feedback, not consequence

Extreme ownership

Transparency. Be candid and clear

Be the change you seek

Calculated risk takers

"We are the next generation"


We create secure solutions

Do more with less

Be Adventurous

Be creative

Stay curious

Keep it simple

Industry leaders in data innovation

"We are humble"


Co-creation will lead to great things

Celebrate wins

Building a team based on family spirit

Growth and learning mindset

Work hard! Play hard!


In The Media


Apr 13, 2023. GovTech Review. A new approach to accessing citizen data