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The Networked Approach to Data Virtualization

From August 11, 2021In this session, we go through the fundamental differences between operational data virtualization and analytical virtualization, while demonstrating the Zetaris’ Networked Data Platform approach, and the optionality it provides, as an essential part of any successful data strategy in today’s big data world.

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_Social The Networked Data Approach to Data Virtualisation

Building your Data Mesh to Unlock the Value of Your Data

Adaptive, creative, and resilient are not buzzwords but the principles every organization will live by in the new era of constant change. Data is the cornerstone that will help leaders see around corners in the moment. That ability to respond to anything that comes at the organization creates more complexity for data management and governance. Already, data engineering has shifted to CI/CD practices and keeping an eye on the full stack for analytics and intelligent apps. But traditional platforms are not positioned for this new reality.

Building your Data Mesh to unlock the value of your data

How Analytical Data Virtualization Contributes to 100% Data Quality

A company’s data is the foundation of every business decision, and the quality of this data has a significant impact on what it can do, and how well it can do it. Watch how Zetaris has been designed to integrate with existing enterprise technologies, platforms, and business processes, creating and adopting a single unified enterprise-wide Data Quality and Exception Management Framework that drives towards 100% data quality.

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How analytical data virtualization contributes to 100% data quality (Instagram Post)