Industry Reports & White Papers

Technology White Paper

Data is an enterprise’s most valuable, yet underutilized asset. This white paper helps you choose the right path for working with all your data across the entire data landscape. In the paper we discuss: (1) Why the Zetaris Networked Data Platform for Virtual Data Warehousing; (2) Gartner’s citing of Zetaris as a global player in the Data Mesh space; (3) Key benefits of virtualizing data; (4) Common use cases


Forrester Report

Learn why traditional data platforms fail, and how Zetaris eliminates all the headaches associated with the traditional data warehousing effort. This paper also discusses: (1) How AI driven Data Fabric technology disrupts the Data Warehouse and Data Lake markets; (2) Technology Use Cases; (3) Forrester Research on Cloud Data Warehouses; (4) The Zetaris approach to the Data Fabric.


Lights on Migration Whitepaper

Data migration is a complex undertaking replete with traps and pitfalls. In this paper, we discuss how a Networked Data Platform provides an enabling technology, a staging platform, and a quality control mechanism that simplify, expedite, and facilitate the data migration journey. The paper also discusses: (1) Specific problems and consequences of data migration projects; and (2) a detailed solution and its benefits to businesses and organizations. We also provide a detailed data migration checklist.


(Meta)Data-Driven Decisions for Financial Services

The data landscape of financial services is vast, complex and confusing. Decisions about the management of that landscape – as opposed to decisions based on the data generated – are often defensive. But suppose you could leverage the outcomes from these necessary defensive decisionsto generate new systems and products that increase revenue and accelerate time to value?


Data Without Borders

The connectedness and interdependence of world cultures and economies (globalisation), reflected by the flows of people, money,material goods, and ideas across national boundaries, is only increasing. Data is fundamental to this interdependence. However, for solid reasons of national security, privacy protection, and crime prevention, the flow of data across national boundaries is severely curtailed. Many countries have erected barriers to cross border data flows, such as data-residency requirements that confine data within a country’s borders, a concept known as ‘data localisation.’ Data localisation can be required explicitly by law or can be the de facto result of a culmination of policies that make it unfeasible to transfer data, such as requiring companies to store a copy of the data locally, requiring companies to process data locally, or mandating individual or government consent for data transfers.


Case Study: Large Australian Research Institute

To facilitate a sophisticated research capability that will last generations, this initiative knew they needed a robust, scalable and flexible data platform. The research initiative didn’t just need to bring together data from thousand of participants and collaborators on an ongoing basis, but provide a foundation through which this data could be modelled and work-benched for research with internal and external research collaborators in a secure and optimised way.


Case Study: The Keys to Regulatory Compliance

Finance is a global business. The legal and geographical boundaries between markets in banking, securities and insurance have become less clear while the structure of financial regulation is changing significantly. But how is that possible when your customer- base is counted in the millions and each one of those customers is transacting with you daily? The volume of data is staggering in its immensity and growing exponentially.


On Demand Video & Webinars

Win With Data & AI Through Market Proven Network Effects

July 27, 2022. Learn how the biggest platform companies in the world are winning using network effects to dramatically reduce friction when connecting consumers with producers.In this webinar we will explain how this market proven approach can be applied to your data and how it will transform your analytics and insights capabilities. With deep insights from Forrester VP and Principal Analyst, Michelle Goetz and practical Data Mesh implementation examples from Zetaris - the Networked Data Platform, we look forward to you joining us at this thought-leading session.

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The Networked Approach to Data Virtualization

August 11, 2021. In this session, we go through the fundamental differences between operational data virtualization and analytical virtualization, while demonstrating the Zetaris’ Networked Data Platform approach, and the optionality it provides, as an essential part of any successful data strategy in today’s big data world.

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Building your Data Mesh to Unlock the Value of Your Data

Adaptive, creative, and resilient are not buzzwords but the principles every organization will live by in the new era of constant change. Data is the cornerstone that will help leaders see around corners in the moment. That ability to respond to anything that comes at the organization creates more complexity for data management and governance. Already, data engineering has shifted to CI/CD practices and keeping an eye on the full stack for analytics and intelligent apps. But traditional platforms are not positioned for this new reality.

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How Analytical Data Virtualization Contributes to 100% Data Quality

A company’s data is the foundation of every business decision, and the quality of this data has a significant impact on what it can do, and how well it can do it. Watch how Zetaris has been designed to integrate with existing enterprise technologies, platforms, and business processes, creating and adopting a single unified enterprise-wide Data Quality and Exception Management Framework that drives towards 100% data quality.

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Implementing a Data Mesh - Practical Tips for Success

March 8, 2022. The Data Mesh concept is rightly attracting a lot of attention. At Zetaris, we believe it will replace the centralised Data Lake and Data Warehouse as the primary way to unlock your value in your data. At this webinar we'll be sharing practical steps to help organisations start their Data Mesh journeys the right way and avoid common pitfalls.

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