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Zetaris is changing data analytics in the enterprize by enabling Gen AI

The Zetaris Data Preparation Studio includes Zetaris Software for the enablement of AI and Analytics on CPU & GPU Infrastructure. Together this allows you to automate data access, preparation, and governance for AI, Analytics, and GenAI on your own data.

The solution lies with Zetaris

Leverage Zetaris to simplify data management for Analytics and execute your AI workloads with following out of the box capabilities:

Data Preparation Studio

Automate data access, preparation, and governance for AI, Analytics & BI, with built in Data Quality monitoring

Flexible Open Lakehouse  

Create Lakehouse's with Zetaris either on Prem or on Cloud

Distributed Data Security

Extended Policy agents to secure your data at a granular level

Industry Accelerators

Unified Semantic Layer allows one common pane of glass across all data using pre-built industry semantic models

High Performance, Scalable & Secure Infrastructure

Zetaris allows you to efficiently store, process data & execute AI/ML models

Gen AI Ready Platform                                                                                                        

Implement LLM on your private and public data for advanced insights generating the right outcomes for your business

Industry Standard Plugins                                                                         

Seamless integrate, both Data Science notebooks and industry standard AI/BI toolkits 

Secure Data Exchange  


Collaborate and share your data securely with out of the box data sharing capability  

 The following Healthcare Use Case demonstrates how Zetaris is changing data analytics in the Healthcare Industry by enabling Gen AI. 


Our Healthcare Data Preparation Studio is designed to improve patient and clinician experience by enabling AI assisted decision support.


Faster clinical decision making with a single scalable, AI & Analytics ready workspace to run multi cloud analysis across your medical data




Growing and aging populations with chronic diseases on the rise, placing an enormous strain on both our healthcare systems to provide optimised care and for life sciences to develop faster solutions. 


The answer is harnessing the power of data and AI together.

The massive growth of data produced everyday by different systems of record needs a different approach to data management to provide accurate, curated, and trusted data required for AI and analytics.    Zetaris  meets this challenge by empowering Healthcare & Lifescience providers with advanced capabilities to harness the power of data and AI in one single workspace


Clinicians can now leverage data and AI to optimize their human-centric processes to significantly improve medical outcomes.  For instance, Emergency departments can use data with AI/ML to prioritise and elevate care.   Lifesciences can accelerate the development of new solutions that can alleviate human suffering from chronic disease to reduce the pressure on hospitals and aged care.   Labs can work alone or collaborate to gain faster insights from real-time integrated data working with AI together.              

With our solution you don’t need specialist teams to run individual applications to integrate critical on-premises and multi-cloud data needed for AI Analytics.   Our solution simplifies the management of your data eco-system whilst maintaining data security, governance, and cyber resiliency.   It simplifies your operational model, reduces operational expenses, and removes unnecessary data management overheads.  

This is now possible today with Zetaris.


Zetaris Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Solutions

Murdoch Children's Research Institute Success Story

MCRI Case study link (HIMSSDell)-1

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What Zetaris does:

  • Industry specific unified semantic models

  • Ability to virtually create data pipelines in real-time

  • Out-of the box data quality management at the source data set

  • Integrated into insights tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Dataiku, Tableau and H2O

  • Delivers innovative solutions across a multitude of complex industries 

  • Helps you deploy pre-built industry-specific solutions

  • Makes your data analytics ready delivered in weeks and at a fraction of the cost

  • 60% reduction in engineering labor costs

  • 6x increased speed to market of projects

  • 100% data governance and access control

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