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Extend Your Microsoft Fabric With Zetaris


Finding it challenging to use your data outside Microsoft? 

Zetaris is the no-code solution for connecting & querying your data outside Microsoft 


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Fast-track your data, Lakehouse & AI projects with Zetaris + Microsoft


Your single point of connection to ALL of your data without the hassle of coding


This enables users the ability to avoid the process of writing script's using our no code solution allowing you the option to avoid writing cumbersome scripts to connect external sources


We not only expand the data fabric but also offer our Independent Open Lakehouse complete with computational capabilities and a host of features.  This empowers you to automate data access, preparation, and governance for AI, Analytics, and GenAI regardless of the data's location






Simplify your Microsoft Fabric journey with Zetaris

Do not wait to start using Microsoft Fabric because your data is everywhere.

Do not wait to start getting insight from your data because you need approval for a big migration.

Do not waste time and resources on unnecessary coding for data collection and management, point that capacity at analysis and decisioning.


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Industry Solutions Accelerators

The Unified Semantic Layer creates a common business language and single pane of glass across all data using pre-built industry semantic models

Gen AI Ready Platform                                                                                                                           Zetaris allows you to efficiently store, process data & execute AI/ML models on your private and public data

Distributed Data Security

Extended policy agents to secure your data at a granular level

High Performance, Scalable & Secure Infrastructure

Zetaris is built on Apache Spark, considered best in market for data analytics and is supported by our leading query optimiser, which can scale on demand for your Azure Cloud infrastructure

Secure Data Exchange  

                                                                        Collaborate and share your data securely with out-of-the-box data sharing capability  

Partner Integrations                                                                     

Connect to Microsoft Power BI with seamless integration, or your data science notebooks and industry standard AI/BI toolkits 

Murdoch Children's Research Institute Success Story

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What Zetaris does:

  • Industry specific unified semantic models

  • Ability to virtually create data pipelines in real-time

  • Out-of the box data quality management at the source data set

  • Integrated into insights tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Dataiku, Tableau and H2O

  • Delivers innovative solutions across a multitude of complex industries 

  • Helps you deploy pre-built industry-specific solutions

  • Makes your data analytics ready delivered in weeks and at a fraction of the cost

  • 60% reduction in engineering labor costs

  • 6x increased speed to market of projects

  • 100% data governance and access control

A Certified and Award Winning Company

ISO Certified

Tie50 2020 Winner

Vertiv CXO Disruptor of the Year Winner

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