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Zetaris is attending Dell Technologies World 2024

At the event, we will be introducing Zetaris' AI For Information Management solution  designed to enable  conversational AI on trusted and governed private data.


The AI For Information Management solution includes Zetaris Software for the enablement of AI and Analytics leveraging NVIDIA GPU Capabilities. Together this allows you to automate data access, preparation, and governance for AI, Analytics, and GenAI on your own data.


Streamline Operations and Maximize ROI with AI-Powered Solutions


GenZ is your co-pilot for the Zetaris AI For Information Management solution to have trusted conversations with your data

Traditional data analytics can lead to slow decision-making, high costs, and increased error risk for businesses


Relieve these challenges with the introduction of AI For Information Management, harnessing the power of LLM for quality business insights. 

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Enterprise Driven Decisions

Make decisions with precision, fuelled by insights derived from your own data

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Save time and money on routine tasks like creating SQL queries, dashboards and reports

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Achieve continuous optimization as our system builds up wisdom about your business from every interaction


The solution lies with Zetaris and NVIDIA

Leverage Zetaris on Cloud/On Prem utilising NVIDIA processing power to simplify data management for Analytics and execute your AI workloads with the following out of the box capabilities:

Private AI Content Store


Automate data access, preparation and governance for AI, Analytics & BI, with built in Data Quality monitoring

Flexible Open Lakehouse                                                                                                     

Create Lakehouse's on Cloud or On-Prem infrastructure enabling data processing and AI with NVIDIA GPUs

Distributed Data Security                                                                   

Extended Policy agents to secure your data at a granular level

Unified Semantic Layer


The Unified Semantic Layer allows one common pane of glass across all data using pre-built industry semantic models

High Performance, Scalable & Secure Infrastructure

NVIDIA high performance technology joined with Zetaris allows you to efficiently compute, process data & execute AI/ML models

Gen AI Ready Platform                                                                                                        

Implement LLM's on your private and public data for advanced insight outcomes

Industry Standard Plugins                                                                         

Seamlessly integrate, both Data Science notebooks and industry standard AI/BI toolkits 

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)  Management 

Zetaris Private AI Content Store will manage the retrieval augmentation by providing a continuous stream of your data

The Zetaris and NVIDIA better together story


Zetaris is the context provider for Generative AI by integrating and curating data from different sources, whilst running on NVIDIA GPU for high performance and scalability.   

Now available on the NVIDIA Accelerated Apps Catalog.


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What Zetaris does:

  • Industry specific unified semantic models

  • Ability to virtually create data pipelines in real-time

  • Out-of the box data quality management at the source data set

  • Integrated into insights tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Dataiku, Tableau and H2O

  • Delivers innovative solutions across a multitude of complex industries 

  • Helps you deploy pre-built industry-specific solutions

  • Makes your data analytics ready delivered in weeks and at a fraction of the cost

  • 60% reduction in engineering labor costs

  • 6x increased speed to market of projects

  • 100% data governance and access control

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