Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy


    (a) This Cookies Policy applies between you and us, Zetaris Pty Ltd ACN 158 548 997 (“we”, “us”, or “our”).
    (b) This Cookies Policy applies when you use our website accessible at and any other websites we operate with the same domain and a different extension (“Website”) and describes the types of cookies we use on our Website, how we use them and how you can control them.
    (c) A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer or device when you visit certain websites.  We may use several different cookies on our Website, for the purposes of website functionality, performance, advertising, and social media or content cookies.  Cookies enhance your experience on our Website, as it allows us to recognise you, remember your details and preferences (for example, your log-in details).  This means you will not be required to re-enter this information each time you return to our Website or browse from one page to another.  Cookies also provide us with information on how people use our Website, for instance whether it is their first time visiting or if they are a frequent visitor.

    The below sets out the type of cookies we may collect on our Website.

    Strictly Necessary Cookies: Certain cookies we use are essential for the proper functioning of our Website, without which our Website won’t work or certain features won’t be accessible to you.  For example, we may need to remember data you’ve inputted from one page to the next in a single session.  This allows us to tailor your website experience specifically for your preferences.

    Performance Cookies: Performance and preference cookies collect information about your use of the Website to help enhance the services we provide to you.  We collect information about how you interact with the Website, including the pages you visit and the frequency of your visits.  This information helps us identify patterns of usage on the site, collect analytics data, identify issues you may have had on the Website, make changes to enhance your browsing experience, and analyse if our marketing is effective and relevant to you.

    Functional Cookies: We use functional cookies to improve your experience on our Website and make things more convenient for you.  These cookies personalise your experience on our Website based on your preferences, by remembering your details such as your login details or region.

    Security cookies are a type of functional cookie, which assist with website and user account security.  Load balancing session cookies are used for the duration of the session to distribute user requests across multiple servers to optimize website speed and capacity.  Multimedia content player session cookies may be used for the duration of a session to store technical data needed to play back video or audio content, for example image quality, network link speed and buffering parameters.  We may also use user interface customization persistent cookies to store a user’s preferred version of our Website, such as font and language preferences.

    Advertising cookies: Advertising and marketing cookies are used on our Website to provide you with targeted marketing materials in accordance with your interests and preferences.  These cookies remember that you visited our Website, and we may provide this information to third-parties.  These cookies usually cannot personally identify you, so your anonymity is typically secured.  These cookies ensure that advertisements displayed to you are things that may be of interest to you.  

    Content cookies: Content cookies are placed by many social media plugins (like plugins that allow you to share content on Facebook), and other tools to enhance the content displayed on a website (for example, services that allow the playing of video files).  We integrate these plugins into our Website to improve usability and customer experience.  Some of these third party services may place cookies that are also used for the purposes of behavioural advertising or market analysis.

    Pixels (Web beacons): Pixels (also known as web beacons), is a form of code embedded into a website, email, advert, or video, which sends information about your website use to a server. We use these, in conjunction with cookies, to track activity by a particular device or browser.

    The amount of time that a cookie remains on your computer or device depends on the type of cookie – cookies are either “persistent” or “session” cookies.  Persistent cookies last until they expire or are deleted, so they may remain on your device for as little as 10 minutes to several years.  Session cookies last until you stop browsing, so just for the relevant session.

    We may use third party analytics cookies to collect information about your interaction with our Website.  We also may use Google Analytics and other third-party analytics providers to help process data.  To find out more, see How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps.

    (a) Usually, you can control and manage cookies through your browser.  You can control whether or not your browser accepts cookies, how to filter and manage cookies, and how to delete cookies at the end of a session.
    (b) Some browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can choose whether or not to accept cookies through your browser controls, often found in your browser’s “Tools” or “Preferences” menu.  For more information on how to modify your browser’s settings or how to block, manage or filter cookies, please review your browser’s help file.
    (c) If you remove or block cookies, this may negatively impact your experience of our Website and you may not be able to access all parts of our Website.
    (d) Many third party advertising services allow you to opt out of their tracking systems, by giving you the opportunity to opt out by way of a pop-up before downloading cookies to your device.

    We may update this Cookies Policy from time to time.  When we make changes, we’ll update the “Last updated” date at the bottom of the Cookies Policy and post it on our sites.  We encourage you to check back periodically to review this Cookies Policy to ensure that you are aware of our current Cookies Policy.

Last updated 1 June 2021