Are you Building a Dumb Robot?

Are you building a dumb robot?

AI and Robots rely on one fundamental assumption, that the data is right.

Artificial-intelligence presents an exciting business opportunity far beyond simple business process automation. However, organisations that have not addressed their data quality challenges, that are not embracing a real-time business rules reconciliation approach to data architecture are in danger of creating the worst outcomes its business could imagine.

What's frightening is that, according to Gartner, most large enterprises have significant, if not debilitating data quality challenges. So, to all of those forward thinking gurus who want to let the machine do the thinking, we say, " get your data right first!". The catch is that your current data management framework and platform is the root cause of poor data quality problems.

The good news is that Data Fabric technology solves this problem and its not a complete restart.

Vinay Samuel

Vinay Samuel

Founder & CEO of Zetaris

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