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Elevate your Sales Game

Gain insights from 30-year veterans and industry leaders in data sales, with a track record of selling data products

Acquire skills in selling data-driven projects and software

Learn essential aspects of creating value in enterprise AI initiatives

Develop the ability to articulate critical solution components for building enterprise-grade AI applications

Earn an AI Sales Certification badge and a distinctive hat proclaiming "Make AI Great Again."

AI Solutions Certification


  Learn from 30-year veterans in data sales and industry leaders.
   Learn from 30-year veterans in data sales and industry leaders.
   Earn an AI Sales Certification badge and a unique "Make AI Great Again" hat.


AI Bootcamp


  AI Bootcamp Starter for your customers.
   AI Bootcamp Advanced for your customers.
Jointly develop solutions for your customers. 


Seller Help-desk


  Streamline your sales process.
   Need expert help, ask us anything!
   Assistance for all your sales needs!


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Zetaris Cloud

Free for 30 days!

Independent Open Lakehouse
SQL DML on lake house
Massively Parallel Processing MPP 
Fully Managed Metastore
Automatic Metadata Surveillance
Smart Query Acceleration using HQO
Templated Enterprise Industry Models 
Unified Semantic Layer
Role/Policy/Attribute based Governance
Data Masking and Encryption (AES256)
DB, DW, File & Real-time Data Connectivity
Self-service Data Curation & Sharing
Cross-cloud & Cross-region Federation
Best in Class Virtual Data Pipelining Tools 
Built In Lineage
Data Quality Evaluation at Source & Target
Support Unstructured Data Processing
Easy ANSII SQL & HIVE SQL Programming
No Code Interface for Data Manipulation
Secure Audit Trail capability
Integrate with 3rd Party Tools
Integrate with your AI/BI Tool of choice
Unlimited Data Sources

Zetaris Air

Free Forever!

Everything in Zetaris Cloud, plus..
LDAP for Authorization
SSO for Authentication
Version control and orchestration
Scalable with concurrent users
30 days Standard Support 
Unlimited User

Zetaris Enterprise

From $0.015/hour

Everything in Zetaris Air, plus..
ML/AI CoPilot for Private Secure NLP
AI-assisted Data Catalog generation in enterprise
On-going Standard  Support
Option to upgrade to Enterprise or Premium Support