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Lowest BI cost

With our world-leading analytical data virtualization, Zetaris enables the best economics, keeping the raw data separate from the compute and avoiding data duplication

Speed-up your data projects

Through the ability to query data everywhere with automated data discovery, your time to resolving data projects will decrease by up to 6x

Unlock hidden value

By giving the business direct (governed) access to all the data, no matter its source, shape, or speed; new ideas and innovations are identified

Query-time governance

Our Real-Time Governance Engine stops rogue queries.  Analyst behaviour is managed through a set of business rules built by your team

The problem we solve

Businesses rely on Big Data to uncover insights and develop innovative projects. However, the big secret is that the data industry is broken and the industry is now waking up to it with 85% of Big Data projects failing and wasting billions of dollars. This is because at present Big Data requires data integration first which is a process to merge multiple data sources into a useful format and centralize them in order to run a business query upon them. Traditionally this requires a complex process of duplicating and re-coding data which can be very time-consuming and error-ridden. Zetaris’ groundbreaking Networked Data Platform however turns this whole process on its head.

Zetaris’ Networked Data Platform completely removes the need to move, duplicate, recode and centralize the data in order to run a query upon it, thereby speeding up the time for businesses to derive value from their data. Big Data projects involving Zetaris are therefore quicker, smarter, less error-prone and more efficient. Zetaris’ Networked Data Platform gives businesses the competitive edge they need to succeed in a complex, multi-dimensional market.


Don’t move or duplicate data any longer. Connect to it virtually using Zetaris.


Our story

The team at Zetaris have been in the data management and analytics industry for over 20 years. They saw how hard it was to consolidate data into a single platform (or database) for mission-critical and analytical applications. Zetaris was born to solve this massive cost and efficiency problem in data projects. The solution is to create a multi-tiered single view of all the organisation's data without having to physically consolidate or migrate every data source to a central data store. This approach is called analytical data virtualization. Today, banks, telcos, retailers, government, and health customers have experienced the massive benefits brought when deploying an analytical data virtualization approach to their data management and analytics projects.

Our technology

Zetaris provides a unique, world-leading analytical data virtualization solution that massively simplifies and expedites data platform building, governance and data access across the enterprise. Using Zetaris, organizations can create a single view of all their enterprise data, in the cloud or on-premise, instantly, through a simple point and click data layer software interface. There is no longer a need for expensive data preparation or monolithic data platforms. Organizations building data mart, data warehouse and cloud database solutions will be able to accelerate their development time tenfold while dramatically reducing their cloud usage costs.

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Data is an enterprise’s most valuable asset. This recent paper from Zetaris is aimed at helping you choose the right path of working with all the data across the entire data landscape.


AI driven analytical data virtualization disrupts the Data Warehouse and Data Lake markets.

What we do 

Faster, smarter and more efficient

Minimize your time-to-market by eliminating the need to centralize data. Zetaris' Networked Data Platform technology enables super fast data access and analysis, minimizing costs and maximizing the value of your existing data. Instantly connect disparate sources of structured, unstructured, and raw data and put it in front of the people who can make the best use of it. Built to be fully and elastically scalable, Zetaris is a platform that grows with your organization, responding in real-time to needs as the market makes demands on your business. Get the competitive edge you need to succeed in a complex, multi-dimensional market with the help of Zetaris.


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