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Finding it challenging to connect and prepare your data for AI?

Zetaris prepares your data for AI

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Zetaris removes barriers to connecting to data sources outside the vendor tech stack with a no-code data source integration.

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Zetaris removes the burden of long tail data preparation projects, giving you access to data, sooner

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Zetaris removes the need to manually build business language and logic across data sets, with our no-code semantic layer and pre-baked industry models.

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Zetaris removes monthly sticker shock by enabling architectural optionality, empowering you to choose the right storage and tooling for the right price.

A data management platform built on your existing data infrastructure

With artificial intelligence, business decision making extends beyond an organisation’s human resources.  
The Zetaris AI Hub is for building and deploying data products.


Empowering Role-Based AI Agents

Build On Your Data

Empower AI agents to mirror your business model.



Meet your AI Agent

Seamlessly execute role-based tasks across operations.


AI Face


Building the future....
AI Nurses, AI Lenders, AI Risk Analysts, AI Retail Assistants, and so many more!



What's behind Zetaris' AI Hub?

Host Anywhere

Host     Anywhere



On-Premise - Linux 64bit






Google Cloud


Nvidia GPU


Data Goverenance

Data Governance



Zero copy data masking


Policy based access controls


Data Object access controls


Data Distribution

Data Distribution



Rest API


JDBC connectors


ODBC connectors

Zetaris in Zetaris

Integration Eco-System

Integration Ecosystem



Apache Airflow for Scheduling


Github for Version Control


External Hive/Glue meta stores


Apache Iceburg for Lakehouse


Enterprise LMM'S (Data for AI)


Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization



Intelligent Query Optimiser


In-memory caching


Pre-calculated aggregations


Connection Eco-System

Connection Ecosystem



REST API, Parquet, CSV, etc


All cloud & on-prem file storage


Databases (SQL/NOSQL) 

Streaming data(KAFKA)

AI (1)

AI Based Co-Pilot



Auto-generated Data Dictionary


4 clicks to create a Lakehouse


Auto data classification

Auto business key identification

Templated Industry Models

Industry Models

Domain IP experience in key industry use cases, e.g:

Early Disease detection


Customer Lifetime Value Analysis


Credit Risk Analysis

and many more.. 

We analyze data at the source in 6 easy steps

Step 1

Connect to any data, anywhere

Cross-join cloud and on-prem data without any vendor lock-in.

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Step 2

Select your storage of choice

Leverage the power of AI running on Apache Spark to create Data Lakes in Iceberg format on the storage of your choice.

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Step 3

Discover your data

AI generated data catalogue with relevant semantics and pre-identified relationships between the raw data.


Data Catalouge



Apply consistent business language & rules

Create a unified semantic layer with the Medallion/Datavault architecture populated by continuous compute pipelines.

Unified Semantic Layer -3


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Query via a single pane of glass

Query across your lakehouse and enterprise data sources with high concurrency through a single pane of glass.


Single Pane Of Glass


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Connect & share insights

Govern and distribute your data to the your tool of your choice (AI/BI/Enterprise or Custom Apps) by leveraging attribute, role and policy based access controls.

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Vertiv CXO Disruptor of the Year Winner

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