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Don't spend months waiting for your data to be ready. Analyze it now

Rather than uploading the data to a central place to analyze it, Zetaris enables instant analytics across all your data, now.

This means you can connect multiple databases and analyze them together in real-time, without the time and cost (and fail rate) associated with moving the data to a central location.

With the Networked Data Platform, you can...

Access real-time data across the enterprise.

Join any data, anywhere

Instantly join & access data silos virtually, across your whole data ecosystem.

Preserve data integrity

Ensure data governance and security by not moving data, and analyzing it at its source.

Enable more complex analytics, faster.

Run complex analytics at speed & scale

Our unique analytical query optimizer ensures speed and scalability for whatever query is being run, across any combination of data sources.

Fastest query performance

Unparalleled query speeds, giving you back time to drive richer insights and go-to-market.

Eliminate cost and complexity.

Minimize data costs

Remove unnecessary storage, processing and support costs, thanks to zero data duplication.

Eliminate complex data integration

Don't move the data. No data extraction, no data transformation, no copying of data to another repository.

Hear what our amazing customers say

Bupa: Zetaris customer

"A massive cost and data quality opportunity"

Murdoch Children's Research Institute: Zetaris customer

"More consistent data in a more timely and trusted manner"

Telstra: Zetaris customer

"For financial reporting and dashboards, this means speed and accuracy"

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Zetaris’ Networked Data Platform gives organizations the competitive edge they need to succeed in today's complex, multi-dimensional market.

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