Agile access to all your data at low cost
and with extreme performance

Lowest BI cost

Zetaris enables cost and performance optimization of your queries & data platforms by keeping raw data separate from the compute.

Speed-up your data projects

Through the ability to query data everywhere and fast data discovery, your time to resolving data projects will decrease by up to 6x.

Unlock hidden value

By connecting the business to source systems, new ideas and innovations are identified.

Query-time governance

No point saying, "Hey Presto, I've joined the data", when the data is wrong or the query is a data breach!

Zetaris Reference Architecture


Many organizations struggle to analyse and report on data residing in too many different places and in different formats and employ armies of people trying to code it all together. Zetaris makes cloud data integration, agile data access and the creation of a single view simple, thereby focusing key technical customer resources on higher-value tasks.

The Zetaris Networked Data Platform massively simplifies and expedites data platform building, governance and data access across the enterprise. It creates a single view for businesses of all their enterprise data, in the cloud or on-premise, instantly, through a simple point-and-click data layer software interface.

There is no longer a need for expensive data preparation or monolithic data platforms. Organizations building data mart, data warehouse and cloud database solutions will be able to accelerate their development time tenfold while dramatically reducing their cloud usage costs.

The Zetaris Networked Data Platform can reside anywhere, on-premise, in the cloud, and is available also as SaaS

Common data jobs we help you do

Collaborate and innovate with your partners:

With Zetaris, you instantly get a window into your business data landscape. You can prototype data product ideas virtually (using just metadata, not the actual data) without needing to physically move it or disrupt your systems. Then you can show your data ideas to you colleagues for feedback with a virtual view (a data fabric). And, once your team lands on a high value idea for joining data to create a new application (report or dashboard), you actually deploy a virtualization query to get the answer-set into your tool or application.

Build a report from data across different databases:

Simply use Zetaris to join to different databases, data lakes or warehouses and write SQL queries (using "no code" point-n-click) that answers your business questions, or connect the answer (BI data) to your favourite tools like Tableau, Qlik, Looker and PowerBI. With Zetaris’ AI and automation, business users can self serve.

Discover where the data is:

To make great applications and decisions, you want to know where the data is to answer important business questions. Using Zetaris, you can explore and find data to help you make the best decisions in an instant in a ‘point and click’ way.

Clean the data:

You want to make sure the data is of high quality before you use it. Using Zetaris, you can quickly understand the logic behind getting the data right and clean bad data. Use AI and automation to apply data governance to your data layer.

Get access to new data for a new project or into your BI tool:

Your BI tool doesn’t have all the available data in it. And, whenever you need a new view or dashboard, you have to wait while IT gets the data. That can take weeks or months. With Zetaris this is hours or days.

Secure your data from a data breach:

As users interact with the data, using Zetaris, our Policy Based Governance engine assesses each query for risk, and stops any query you as a team (the business) don’t want to run.

The old vs the new