Give your team fast & accurate access to all of your data

Analyze all of your data, faster, with confidence

Get  reliable insights, faster

By enabling connection to existing data sources without moving, ingesting or duplicating data, the Networked Data Platform speeds up time-to-insight, eliminates data redundancy and creates a single, unified view of your data.

Big data projects are quicker, smarter, less error-prone and more efficient with Zetaris.

Faster time-to-insight
Single, unified source of truth
Eliminate costs associated with data redundancy

Deploy without replacing your existing data infrastructure

The Networked Data Platform is an analytical engine powered by your existing data infrastructure.

It connects to all the disparate data sources, ingesting metadata to create a virtual schema, reinforcing data security, and optimising and accelerating query performance.  

No rip and replace
Realize the full value of your existing IT investments
Deployed in minutes, not months

Future-proof your data architecture

Structure existing and new data assets according to specific business consumption requirements with the Networked Data Platform.

No need to re-design your data architecture according to the configuration of each particular solution.

Eliminate vendor lock-in
Architectural optionality

How to get started with the Networked Data Platform

Step 1

Create & login to your account

Register for your free account here.

Deploy in the cloud or on-premise.

Step 2

Connect & join your data silos

Deploy without ripping and replacing your existing data infrastructure.

The Networked Data Platform enables, rather than replaces, your existing infrastructure.

Step 3

Analyze data directly with your existing tools

Utilize any data tool to drive insights and generate value for your organization.

Start getting the most out of your data today