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Providing seamless customer experiences is expected without compromise. Telcos must ensure customer satisfaction at every turn or risk losing them to a competitor. Margins are thin and brand loyalty wains at the slightest hint of a service disruption. As a result, being proactive with customers is key to keeping them happy and loyal.

To ensure customer satisfaction, a telco needs to have a trusted, single view of customer. Personalizing the customer experience is paramount to reducing churn and keeping customers loyal.

To better manage investments, telcos need to understand where the greatest returns will come from and data is what tells them this story.

Networking the existing data sources rather than building yet another new centralized repository is the only way forward. The volume of new data being generated is too much to handle without virtualization.

Network & Asset Optimization

Proactive network health monitoring, and real-time shifting of network workloads

Intelligent Edge Computing (IoT & 5G)

Intelligent edge capabilities integrated into core. Share and query data at the edge.

Secure Data Monetization

Enable the data-centric security and privacy to monetize existing data assets while respecting regulatory and ethical boundaries

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